Life is Expression

written by Bex Tyrer

Bex Tyrer

Life is expression. In the vibrant colours of each leaf which changes shades with the rising sun. Through the dance of the surf as it slams the cliffs and pauses for a moment in circles of rainbows before crashing down. In the grace of the lizard which darts into the grass, momentarily visible before melting into camouflage. Life finds expression through the natural talent of artists born to give abstract shape to form imagined and real. Through traditions of cultures that shape sounds through their dance, through their songs, their stories. Life creates the new through the old, as pregnant women channel spirit into physicality, miraculously birthing the potential to continue what has not yet been. With each new generation come the rebels who will remake what was set in stone, who will remix, add or subtract. Life pushes life forwards through the genius’s who think the world differently, until that perceived difference becomes the norm. Life communicates expression through words, as we write and speak desperate to mold language into accurate mirrors of emotion. Emotion journeys through, adding degrees to depth of being, the limit of which is endless. Life gifts clues in dream-time. Pointing to what that rational mind refuses to acknowledge. Life maps these clues in the sacred geometry that traces the roots of trees in the bronchi of each lung, each tributary of every river system. Life guides through the seers of ancient wisdom, the seeds of plants, the smoke of the fires. Life finds so many ways to whisper that there are infinite possibilities of what can be conceived, of what can be embodied through consciousness, of what treasures lay waiting in pure awareness. Sparkles in the night sky become metaphors of untapped knowing. The underwater movements of feather stars question what intelligence is. Life opens connectivity through the hearts of love, as “love” itself matures with age building wise webs of medicine. Like the taste of a once unripe mango which bursts into luminous flavors, unless impatience picks it too soon or fear lets it fall to the ground, to be forgotten. Life shapes each mind through the chaos of collective expression as wars of ideology rage and morality swings on the pendulum of right and wrong, good and bad, real and unreal. Life challenges beliefs and values, ways of needing, ways of living. Life pushes each one of us forwards, as slightly unique expression of existence. Life demands transformation and it does so by throwing unwanted challenges, spinning itself upside down through DNA and collisions of perfect choreography. Life itself questions illusion, asks for vision, plunges its witnesses into uncharted inner journeys, the destination of which is unknown. If the order within the chaos of life is allowed to be trusted, to be heard, to be felt, to be breathed, then one by one, like a wave that surges through the ocean, life will awaken each one to ever new layers of perception. Life is eternal expression.